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Multi Products Online Service is a new E-Commerce invention that provides all of its customers with a wide choice of institutional-level services. The Online Services Portal offers basic services such as shopping, recharging, and booking travel. also offers a wide range of services, including financial instruments and thorough money management. Customers can, however, use the Products Services online by enrolling on the official website of

We will go over the, its features, the complete details of the business plan of online business, online registration, and logging into the Online Portal. Online Service Features (FRAUD)

  • For other firms, collaborating with Online Service is the ideal business potential.
  • It is the best online platform for people to recharge their phones, Jio, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone have partnered with Multi Products Online Service.
  • It is a dependable management with whom to collaborate in order to provide high-quality services to clients.

Multi Product net Online Service Business Plan in Detail

Let’s take a closer look at the Service’s entire business plan. Service is a direct selling business that was founded in 2020. This is a fraud company, the website is not opening. We also checked the customers review.

The company has been demonstrating its spectacular growth in the E-Commerce Market since its inception by selling high-quality products at reasonable costs.

  • It allows you to combine packages on mobile recharges from several Mobile Telecom Providers.
  • It offers a 12500 Rupees Package, which allows customers to upgrade their package to 12500 Rupees as a franchisee and receive 9500 Rupees in Epins.
  • Customers can earn franchise revenue, for example, if their account is increased to Rs.10,000, they will be eligible for franchise income.
  • Marching Income pays its members an incredible 7% matching commission for the growth of their right and left leg groups.

Steps To Sign Up for Multi Products Online Service

Let’s take a look at the Service Portal’s online registration process.

  • Visit the Multi Products Online Service’s official website. It redirects the online user to the portal’s Home Page.
  • Click the Login link on the Home Page’s Menu Bar. It directs the internet user to the following page.You can log in by providing your User Name and Password if you are a registered user of multi products online portal.
  • If you’re a first-time visitor, go to the bottom of the page and click the Register link.
  • It takes the user to the Dashboard, which is located below.
  • The Dashboard may be seen, which is separated into three vertical columns: Joining Details, Personal Details, and Banking Details.
  • Enter the applicant’s full name, father/name, husband’s date of birth, email address, mobile number, city/town, address, and pin code in the Personal Details section.
  • Enter the A/c holder’s name, Bank A/c number, Bank name, IFSC code, and Pan card/ Adhaar Card in the Banking Details section.
  • Please double-check all of the information and click the I Agree to the Terms and Conditions button.
  • Finally, click the Submit Form Button.

How to Login to Multi Products Online Service

  • Return to the Home Page and enter your User Name and Password to access the portal.
  • You can access the various Multi Products Online Services after logging in.
  • The user can, however, perform online shopping, recharge, and use other services.

Multi Products Services Term and Conditions

  • The distributor must not utilize the company’s trade marks, emblem, literature, or slogan for any other purpose.
  • The company does not guarantee distributors any monitory benefits. Any distributor’s earnings are totally based on his or her success. If a distributor relies on a promise made by another distributor when trying to sell the items to him / her that is not included in this agreement or the official documentation, the company will not be responsible in any manner for such claims. With his free choice and consent, the distributor enters into this business deal.
  • This agreement does not establish an employee-employer relationship between the distributor and the company, nor does it establish a partnership or joint venture between the distributor and the company.
  • All of the company’s distributors will make every effort to promote the company’s product in a trustworthy and honest manner.
  • According to the Income Tax Act, the corporation will deduct tax at source for any commission paid by the distributor, as well as government taxes, tariffs, and charges at the current rate, as well as processing service charges.
  • If the firm delivers products to him/her that are not listed in this agreement or official literature, the company will not be held liable in any way.
  • Under no circumstances will products be returned once they have been delivered. VAT, GST, other government taxes, and delivery fees are extra.
  • The rewards will only be handed out in the form of checks or demand drafts (DD charges shall be deducted).When simulation is required, it will be used.
  • The reserves the sole right to update, correct, and amend the incentive structure at any moment, and to adopt laws and regulations, products, policies, terms, and conditions, which the distributor must follow.
  • Any dispute between the company and the distributor shall be resolved through arbitration, with Haryana Faridabad as the only jurisdiction.
  • We have carefully examined the company’s products and packages and have read and understood the aforementioned agreement.
  •  I/We am booking the products voluntarily, without being pressured or enticed by the company.
  • We understand that the figures presented are illustrative.
  • My / our sponsor or the corporation has not committed us any figures or a time frame for payment.
  • This registration will take effect on the date the company accepts you as a distributor and will continue in force until the firm terminates your distributorship for failing to follow the aforementioned rules and regulations.
  • Payment can be paid by local check, demand draft, money order, banker’s cheque, or cash for each application. Cheques and demand drafts should be made payable to “Multi Products Online Services.”

Conclusion Service is a fraud company. The official website is not working. We are not the member of this site. Stay away from these type of websites. The visitors consumes the provided information on your own risk. Also read Disclaimer policy for more information.

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