Darwin Nunez FIFA 22 Biography, Net worth

According to rumors, Alex Vidal, a former Barcelona player, and Nunez's girlfriend Lorena Manas were previously married.

Despite being only 22 years old, Darwin admitted after joining Benfica that he dedicates all of his ambitions to his family, which includes his girlfriend. 

Núñez discussed his struggles with social media and his mental health with Axel Ocampo, the youth assistant coach for the national team.

After the $132 million Atlético Madrid paid to the Lisbon club for Joo Félix in 2019, Núñez was the second-most expensive transfer in Portuguese football history.

His pay is comparable to that of James Milner and Jordan Henderson, but far higher than Sadio Mane's alleged €6 million salary.

Nunez notified the top teams in Europe after a successful season with Benfica the previous year.

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