8 Suprising Tata Nexon Hidden Features Will Make You Fall For It !!

Image Source: Tata Motors 

Key Indicators Warning 

In case you have forgot to switch off the car. If help to remind that you don't switch off the car. Tata Nexon Key release beep sound. 

Image Source: Tata Motors 

Tata Nexon Express Coolin Feature

The Tata Nexon's ability to cool down the entire vehicle when parked in the sun is by far its best feature.

Second Row Seats

Nexon come with foldable second-row seats. When the parcel tray is removed and the seats are folded, a level floor and a sizable boot area are provided. 

Music Volume ∝ Speed of Car

One of Nexon's special features, this one automatically adjusts the audio volume while you're driving. When speed goes up volume increase, when speed slow volume decrease.

Image Source: Tata Motors 

Door & Seat Belt Reminder

Nexon reminds you to secure your seatbelt and lock the car doors correctly by beeping and sending you a voice message. In most of car's this feature is not available.

Take A Break

The Nexon will beep and flash a message on your MID requesting that you take a break. When you driving for long at highway at high speed.

Image Source: Tata Motors 

Find My Car

This help you to find your are, if you have parked your car at a busy parking and forget where you have parked your car..

Image Source: Tata Motors 

8 12V Charging Point 

The second-row passengers will benefit the most from this feature. The devices you can put in the boot can be powered by the charging port and then your device will getting powered.