Carl Lentz Net Worth

Hey, do you want to know about Carl Lentz Net Worth Reports, what are his income sources and also his Car Collections. In this article I am going to provide you complete information and history of Carl Lentz.

Who is Carl Lentz?

Carl Lentz was the popular main pastor at Hillsong Church in New York City. Hillsong is a very big and influential church. Lentz was known for his unique style he had tattooed arms, a stylish haircut, and a rock star personality. Many people, including celebrities, went to Hillsong because of Lentz’s non-traditional preaching. 

Over time Lentz became very wealthy and lived an excessive lifestyle from preaching the prosperity gospel. This wealth and lifestyle raised concerns inside and outside the church. In 2020, Lentz admitted to moral problems and was fired from Hillsong. After this, people questioned where Lentz’s money came from.

Carl Lentz Net Worth

Carl Lentz Net Worth is $5 million in 2024. At his peak around 2017-2018, Lentz’s net worth was estimated at about $8 million but now his income drops. However, in the two years since, Lentz’s net worth has dropped to just $500,000 based on available data. He lost the vast majority of his fortune.

Sources Of Income Of Carl Lentz

Following are the Carl Lentz’s income sources:- 

  1. Salary from Hillsong Church – As a top pastor at the church, Lentz likely earned a substantial salary. The exact amount is not disclosed. 
  2. Book Royalties – Lentz wrote the book “Own The Moment” which earned him money through sales and royalties.
  3. Speaking Fees – Lentz was paid for speaking at various events and conferences due to his engaging speaking style.
  4. Social Media Income – With a large following, Lentz potentially earned money from sponsored posts and endorsements.

Carl Lentz Bio 

Born6 Nov 1978
WifeLaura Lentz
NationUnited States
EducationHillsong college 

Early Life And Career Of Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz was born in Virginia in 1978. As a young man, he became very interested in Christianity and religious leadership. He went to North Carolina State University, where he graduated in 2000 with a degree in Business Administration.

After graduating from college in 2000, Lentz moved to Los Angeles in 2001. His first job was as a youth pastor at Wave Church in Virginia Beach. 

Carl Lentz’s rise to the fame 

In 2010, the hugely popular Australia-based megachurch Hillsong recruited Lentz to start a new location for them in New York City. Hillsong saw Lentz as the perfect person to launch and grow this ambitious new church.  

So Lentz and his wife Laura moved to NYC to start Hillsong NYC. They began with just a few dozen members meeting in a small music venue. But the church grew very quickly. By 2017, over 5,000 people were attending Hillsong NYC weekly, making it one of the most visible evangelical churches in America.

With his rock concert-like services, motivational preaching, and casual personal style, Lentz appealed to a young, hip crowd. Under his leadership and popularity, Hillsong attracted many celebrities like Justin Bieber, NBA stars, and reality TV personalities.

Popularity and Branding Of Carl Lentz

As he promoted Hillsong, Lentz also built up his own personal brand. He gained over 650,000 Instagram followers who were drawn to his unique image as a hip, relatable pastor. 

As the pastor of a wealthy church, Lentz began displaying signs of excess wealth and privilege. He lived in a $1.5 million home in New Jersey with 7 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and a backyard pool. 

When not preaching, Lentz was spotted in luxury skyboxes at NBA games and exclusive events like Kanye West’s fashion show. 

Controversies of Carl Lentz 

Lentz’s lavish lifestyle and privileges eventually became controversial inside and outside Hillsong Church. Critics said his wealth, expensive clothes, and celebrity connections went against Jesus’s teachings. 

Many pointed out it seemed hypocritical to preach prosperity gospel while gaining personal benefits from church connections. His high-flying lifestyle appeared at odds with traditional Christian ethics on money and excess.

In November 2020, Hillsong suddenly fired Lentz, initially citing “moral failures.”Soon after, it was revealed Lentz had an extramarital affair. The married pastor admitted to cheating on his wife, violating the behavioral standards he preached. 

His firing sent shockwaves through the evangelical community as a prominent pastor lost his job due to moral misconduct.

Financial Fallout Of Carl Lentz

After getting fired, Lentz faced big money and job consequences. Hillsong stopped paying his generous salary, reportedly $1.5 million yearly with bonuses. 

He lost all speaking gigs and book deals too. The Lentz family had to sell their expensive New Jersey home and move away.  


At his highest point, Carl Lentz had built up a personal fortune worth over $5 million. But his success story eventually fell apart because of his hypocrisy. He preached prosperity gospel but lived lavishly using the church’s money.

Lentz’s fall from grace provides a cautionary lesson about excessive wealth and priviilege. While he earned a good salary as pastor, his pursuit of riches through ministry led to his downfall.

Though there were many downfalls in Carl Lentz journey he never gave up that’s the reason he is still known for. So guys this was all about Carl Lentz journey I hope you like this article 

Thanks for reading.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What was Carl Lentz’s annual salary at Hillsong?

Estimates placed his annual salary between $650,000 – $1.5 million, with potential bonuses that could push his total compensation higher.

What was the peak of Carl Lentz’s net worth?

At his peak from 2017-2020, his net worth was estimated to be around $8 million. 

How did Carl Lentz earn so much money?

His prosperity gospel preaching, generous church salary, book deals, speaking fees, investments, and gifts from wealthy members all contributed to his salary

How much is Carl Lentz worth after being fired?

Since his firing from Hillsong in 2020, his net worth has dropped to $500,000 – $700,000 as of 2022 estimates.

Did Carl Lentz come from a wealthy family?

No, Lentz did not come from an affluent family. His wealth came almost exclusively from his career as pastor of Hillsong NYC

Has Carl Lentz written any books?

Yes, Carl Lentz is the author of “Own The Moment,” a book that offers insights into his approach to faith and leadership.

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