Gorewada Zoo Nagpur Ticket Booking and Price

Gorewada Zoo Nagpur Ticket Booking and Price 2023 is available in this post. Gorewada Zoo is the most renowned International Zoological Park in India, and it is accessible to the general public. It is located inside the city of Nagpur and was constructed with the help of international designers. Gorewada Zoo is also recognized as the Balasaheb Thackeray Zoo. The late Balasaheb Thackeray was honored with a zoo near Nagpur called Gorewada International Zoological Park.

Gorewada Zoo
Gorewada Zoo

This zoo is huge, covering 900 hectares and therefore is regarded as Maharashtra’s biggest zoo! Not only that, but it is also India’s first leopard safari, where visitors can get up close and personal with these magnificent big cats. It is just 8 kilometers from the center of Nagpur city. Zoo Safari, Jungle Drive, and a Bio-Diversity Park are three best things everyone should try in Nagpur’s Gorewada Zoo. The name of Gorewada Zoo was recently changed and now it is Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada International Zoological Park, Nagpur.

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Today we will discuss the Gorewada Zoo, which was closed in March after India’s Prime Minister ordered the nation to completely shut down, which is now opened.

Gorewada Zoo Nagpur Ticket Booking Online

Now that the Gorewada Zoo has reopened for tourists, everyone will be able to enjoy it once again.

Gorewada announced that senior citizens as well as children under the age of ten would not be allowed to visit the Zoo, and also that Jungle Safari would be limited to four people per vehicle.

Gorewada Zoo Jungle Safari Booking is also available online. A guide will accompany each vehicle; you cannot go on a forest safari without one, according to the Gorewada government. You can no longer visit Gorewada Park at night, as you could before.

For your knowledge, Gorewada is located in Maharashtra, in the city of Nagpur. As a result, Maharashtra ECO Tourism has been assigned to this zoo.

Maha Eco Tourism sells Gorewada Zoo Safari tickets.

Gorewada Zoo Nagpur ticket
Gorewada Zoo Nagpur ticket

Please read the following instructions to book the Gorewada Zoo Nagpur tickets on Maha Ecotourism:

  • To begin, just go to www.mahaecotourism.gov.in, Maharashtra Eco Tourism’s official website.
  • You will be sent to its main page, where you will notice the options. To book a safari online, go to this page.
  • Activate the tab You’ll be taken to another page if you click Here for Online Safari Booking.
  • You can now select the button Book Now.
  • Choose the park or zoo from the drop-down menu for which you wish to purchase tickets.
  • On the very same webpage, select a time and date from a drop-down menu.
  • Specify the type of vehicle, seat capacity, admission price, and own/hired vehicle on the following web page.
  • Now provide visitors personal details such as age, religion, Identification number, and etc.
  • Fill in your entire address, e-mail address, and phone number in the address field.
  • Hit the save and payment link after entering the captcha code below.
  • Then you may pay using a debit/credit card, a Rupay card, a Visa card, and etc.
  • Print a copy of your ticket once you’ve paid.

Visitor Instructions at Gorewada Zoo

  • There are guidelines for visitors to the Gorewada Zoo, which must be followed by all visitors.
  • Visitors are not permitted to visit the zoo unless they wear a face mask. 
  • Children and the elderly are not permitted to visit the zoo. 
  • At least four people need to be in a car.
  • No one is permitted to enter the zoo without a ticket.
  • You can purchase an online ticket by going to the department’s official website.

Gorewada Nagpur Zoo Online Ticket Booking Status

Gorewada Nagpur Zoo Online Ticket Booking Status allows visitors to check the status of their tickets after purchasing them in advance at the Gorewada Nagpur Zoo.

so that you will be aware of the Safari’s availability at the Zoo

  • For checking the status of your ticket, go over to the ECO Tourism Portal’s official website.
  • Next, just on the website’s main page, look for the link that says “Status of Gorewada Zoo Ticket Booking Online.”
  • Next, write down your ticket’s registration number, followed by your phone number.
  • Submit the information.
  • user Can receive the current status.

What you should know before visiting Gorewada Zoo

It’s a huge place! As soon as you arrive, go to the ticket desk and board the safari bus. You did not have to wait long since a bus comes every half hour. And, guess what, you’ll have to reserve your tickets online because of Coronavirus. Each safari includes a guide that keeps travelers up to date. Because this zoo is so large, you must go by bus. Jaguars, tigers, black bears, deers, and leopards may all be seen. The Rescue Centre for Wildlife is one of the zoo’s most notable attractions. The unique aspect of this zoo is that it is both a zoo and a wildlife reserve. They also want to open an African Safari, a bird sanctuary, and a snake park in the future! So, aside from eating some fruits , give this establishment a visit the next time you’re in Nagpur! It’s a fantastic place to visit with the kids, who will have fun!

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