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In this article, I will give the information about the online portal named as GPF Slip Portal created by Telangana State Government for its employees.

What is GPF Service

GPF is a service for Telangana government employees. In this service, a fixed percentage of basic salary of the employees is taken away and employer also share the equal amount, this amount gets accumulated Employee can take this amount at the times of emergency. The main objective of GPF account is that the employees can have a fixed large amount in hand after their retirement. The total amount will be sent to the employee’s account with added interest.


Main objective of GPF Slip

The main objective of GPF Slip Portal is to provide all the services to the Telangana state government employees at one place. Now, Telangana State Government employees can get their GPF Slips, salary slips, salary statement online through the online portal. There is no need for the employees to go anywhere, they can check their information online through this portal from anywhere and anytime. Employees can also download their GPF Slips. It saves time and efforts of employees of Telangana government. One more objective of GPF portal is that state government is made available to have the information of employees of state government and there will transparency in facilities given to the employees so that employees don’t face any problem. Facilities Available on GPF Slip Portal
Following facilities are available for the Telangana State Government employees on this GPF Slip online portal

  1. E salary slip option
  2. Check the annual property return
  3. Option of providing Service books to employees
  4. Employees can know about their GPF account.
  5. Employees can see online leave details
  6. Process of registering online (New official employees registration process)
  7. Online portal and mobile app facility (Karamchari Sahayak online mobile app)
  8. Employees can register their complaint on Online help desk.

Eligibility to get GPF Slip online

Employees who fulfil the below mentioned eligibility for Telangana State can follow the process to get GPF Slip online.

  • The employee must be a permanent employee of Government of Telangana.
  • Employee must have a GPF account number
  • Mobile number must be linked with GPF account.

How to Download GPF Slip

  1. First of all, visit, you will reach on Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts web portal of Telangana Government.
  2. Click on Employee Operations, then a new page will open.
  3. Click on AG GPF Account Slip, then you will reach on this page, Office of The Accountant General (A&E) Telangana
    You can directly reach here by clicking on this link
    From here you will get information about your GPF Account
  4. Select the year for which you want GPF Annual Account Statement. You will get information of your GPF account for the selected year.
  5. Then, Select Department Series
  6. Then, Enter the GPF Account number
  7. Then, Enter your Registered Mobile number and then, click on GO button.
    After this, you can see your information
  8. Click on SHOW button, you will get a pop up to download pdf
  9. Download this pdf file, it contains all the information of your GPF account.
  10. If you require any clarification regarding the downloaded pdf file, you can get it checked with the Department Account Officer.

SMS Facilities to GPF Subscribers or Pensioners

GPF Subscribers or Pensioners can register their mobile number through this simple process to avail SMS Facility. Features of the SMS Facility:

  1. You will get alerts of GPF subscriptions, withdrawals, missing credits etc every month.
  2. You will get Information of dispatch of annual GPF slips
  3. Know status of GPF Final withdrawal application (received/ finalized/ returned, etc)
  4. Know status of Pension application (received/ finalized/returned, etc)

How to register mobile number to GPF

Register Mobile number to GPF via Email
Andhra Pradesh:
Register via WhatsApp:
Andhra Pradesh AP : 8500603447
Telangana TS: 9492233447
Register Via website: GPF subscribers:-
Go to
and Enter the Series and Account Number and click on the GO Button
Fill your Employee ID, Date of Birth (DOB), Mobile number, e-mail ID, etc and click on the UPDATE button.
Employee ID is allotted by Treasury.

What are the contact details of official portal of Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts (DTA), Telangana government.

  1. Visit the official website of DTA, Government of Telangana you will reach to
  2. Click on Contact Us, after clicking, a list of contacts will be displayed, you can contact on any of the contacts from the list according to your requirement.


When will GPF account mature?

Retirement date of employee is the Maturity period of GPF account. Contribution of employee will be stopped on retirement and total amount with interest will be accumulated and it will be added to the Employee beneficiary bank account.

How much amount can the Employees withdraw from GPF before maturity period?

Employees can withdraw two third of the amount accumulated till date and the remaining amount can be withdrawn after the Maturity period.

Lost my GPF account details. What can you do now?

Visit Department Office to get your account information and consult with account department. Account department will help you in linking the account number with Employee Account.

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