My NEP Registration 2021 Online | mynep Ambassador Or MyNEP full form

My NEP Registration 2021 Online | mynep Ambassador: The NEP 2020 focuses on creating aspects of education and students no more have to depend on wrote writing. The students will have more choices and creative ideas are implemented to get an education.

My NEP Registration
My NEP Registration

WHAT IS MyNEP? Or Mynep full form.

National education policy or NEP is a much-needed revolutionary step towards
enhancing and restructuring the educational scenario of India. It is a step that had
been due for decades. Their aim to create a new India through this new policy is one
of the challenging things that the nation had ever encountered. The curriculum is
going to take with the implementation of nap 2020.

According to this NEP policy, the vocational training class will start from class 6th
and it will give more exposure to the students from an early age.
According to this NEP policy, the students can choose their favorite subjects from
class 9th to 12th on their own. And it will provide the platform to do specialization in
the subjects they have chosen.

The entire school syllabus would be limited according to their respective core
knowledge level only. The focus should be practical and application-based

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Another exciting factor about the NEP is its multilingual approach towards education.
That would promote the study of three languages including the mother tongue from
the first step of schooling.

Besides that, in the NEP, vocational training will also start from grade 6 providing
much more exposure to students from an early age kid can even learn to code and
make a mark. Even using process will also encounter a huge change with the arrival
of semester system higher education would also go through a big change.

Bachelor’s degree would be made optional for three or four years. Besides, that
NEP promotes practical and application-based knowledge. as a result, the scope of
holistic development of a student would be much more.

mynep Ambassador
mynep Ambassador

MyNEP competitions featuring

  • National prize – gold, silver, bronze.
  • Prize money – 10,000/-, 5,000/-, 3,000/- respectivly.
  • Language-wise prize in each competition
  • Special mentions 1,000/- each.
  • Prizes in each category.
  • Participation certificate.

My NEP Registration Process

The process of participating in MyNEP competitions is very simple. To participate in
MyNEP, first, you have to register in this portal. If you are interested in registering,
then you can register by following the steps given below.

First, open your browser and go to website.
On website you can see three main tabs like PARTICIPATE, JOIN OUR

My NEP Registration

Now, to participate, what you need to do is just click on the participate tab and you
will see another 3 tabs like webinar, seminar, and competition.
If you want to participate in the competition just click on the competition tab.

After clicking on the competition tab under participate tab a new page will open like
some kind of form like shown in the below image. Now you need to fill the entire form with your information. I will guide you through it, so Don’t worry if you have any confusion about the form.

As you can see written on the first section – your name in full.
On this section you have to write your full name. Dont write only your first name or
some kind of short nickname. After filling the 1st section with your name, let’s go to
the 2nd section.

In the 2nd section write your living place’s name.

Now the 3rd section is the state section. Just scroll and select your state
gently by marking on the white round dot button.

Now the 4th section of the form is the email id section. Write down your email
id or Gmail id is whatever you have. If you don’t own a mail id, just go to
google Gmail and create it now.

5th option is for a mobile number. Fill up the 5th option with your mobile
number and move to the 6th section.

There is a postal address section on the 6th option. Fill up this section with
your postal address.

Write down your current profession in your profession section.

Now fill the (your institution) section by writing your institution name.

Hurray, you have completed all the information on the form. Now just check one
more time and hit the blue submit button.

After hitting the submit button you will see a page like the given image written (your
response has been recorded) line.
So this was the complete process of registering for the MyNep competition.

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My NEP Registration Process | How to register for the MyNEP competition.

This quiz competition will be based on our new National Education Policy and your
MyNep competition entry can be sent under these 4 themes.


Send your own creative entries to website by text, image, or video and
share with #newnepnewindia on social media. You can also share your certificate
with your friends, loved ones. You can also give your support by becoming an
ambassador of MyNep.


  1. Essay writing competition
  2. Creative designing competition
  3. Video ( Short film making competition)
  4. Meme making competition
  5. Painting (handmade) competition
  6. Tweet thread competition


  • Handmade painting competition,
  • Letter to the PM competition,
  • Meme making competition,
  • Two mins speech competition.

If you have any doubt related to this or need some help, then you can comment on
the comment section given below. If some more latest news related to MyNep comes
out, then you will get it on this website. So to keep yourself updated with the latest
news like this, you can bookmark our website and share it with your friends.

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